Tolland Trotters 4H Club


Do I have to have a horse  to join horse 4h?

No.  Many of the youth in horse 4H take lessons at various barns, some lease a horse, some own their own, and some enjoy learning about horses but don't ride.  Whatever your level of involvement with horses, a 4H horse club is a fun way to learn more about horses!

Do I have to have a sheep, goat, alpaca or rabbit to join 4h?

No, Many of the youth lease an animal from a local farm or someone else in their 4H club.  Most often there is no cost involved in leasing a livestock animal for 4H.  Do expect to spend time helping to care for your project animal during the year in return for its use.

How much does it cost to join 4H?

There is no enrollment cost to 4H.  Our club asks for $20 a year in club dues to cover the expenses of photocopies, recordbook covers, and supplies. 

What will I learn at 4H meetings?

You will learn about livestock types and breeds, basic care,  health, , How to work with and around animals and more!

How will I learn all this stuff?

4H has workbooks and resources available to clubs for use in our meetings.  We will also will have  fieldtrips throughout the year to broaden our knowledge of horses and horsemanship.

I'm already in another 4H club for other animals.  Can I still join your club?

Yes, there is no limit to how many 4H clubs you can belong to.

How do I sign up?

Contact the club leader, Kristen, at for more information on how to join, or to answer any questions you have.