Tolland Trotters 4H Club

About our club...

We are a multi-species livestock project club in Tolland County.  We meet twice a month,  in Vernon at the Tolland Ag. Center. 

Our club  has members working on projects in



Pigs, Dairy Cows, 

and Alpacas .


Our Leaders...

Our club has three registered leaders




Kristen is the owner of Tranquil Morning Farm, where she has four Arabian horses and a variety of fiber producing livestock.  She shares her love of animals with her daughters Ruthie (14) and Lori (7), her sons, Rob (18) and Markie (6), as well as her mother, Judy.   

Mrs. M. is in her second year as a club leader.  She and her daughter, Marisa,  enjoy all sorts of animals.  They now have their first rabbits, a pair of Netherland Dwarfs and are learning all they can about alpacas looking towards further endeavors.

Mrs. C. is our newest club leader.  She and her daughters, Shannon and Mallory are involved with angora rabbits.


We have 5 Junior Leaders... Who are responsible for planning and implementing project meetings.

Ruthie :  She has been in 4H for the past 8 ears.  She has done projects in rabbits, sheep, goats, poultry and horses.  She is currently working on projects in rabbits, meat sheep and alpacas.  Ruthie is a member of Tolland County Fairboard.  She is also president of our club.


Katie :  She has been working with sheep for many years and is also working on a project with poultry.


Shannon:   She has been working with rabbits and poultry.

 Marisa: This will be Marisa's first year as a junior leader.  She has been an officer in the club.  She has been working on projects in rabbits and alpacas.  

Megan: This is also Megan's first year as a junior leader, though she's been in 4H for many years.  She is working on a project in sheep.






Club Officers

New officers will be elected in October! 

2013/14 officers...

President... Ruthie

Vice President...Shannon

Secretary... Marisa

Treasurer... Abby

Reporter/Historian... Katie